Discover, describe and define your unique, individual design style
so you can finally create a space that tells your unique story,
In this work-at-your-own-pace, self-guided journey,
you’ll learn how to confidently create a {work}space
that beautifully reflects and supports you,
your business, and your life.

We all live in a design-conscious world. No one knows this more than creative entrepreneurs!

From the clothes we carefully select for our branding photo shoots, to the fonts and logos and colors we embrace to showcase who we are online, we know that showing up and looking fantastic is a huge part of our success, right?

So why is it, then, that so many of us work from our cozy-but-plain living room couches, or next to a pile of old mail on the kitchen table, or in a room that’s meant to be an “office”, but looks more like a storage facility full of cast-off furniture and sad, drab lighting?

More than depressing, it’s also kind of embarrassing. How can you feel authentic when you portray a beautiful life online, and then come home to your nothing-special, lackluster rooms?

And forget about “showing up” – when you portray yourself a certain way in your branding, but your real life does not reflect it, you live in fear that someone will notice when you share a video or livestream or even a photo and call you a sham.

It’s not because you don’t want to live and work in a beautiful place.
On the contrary – you care more than most about the aesthetics and feel of a space.
BYKT workbook

If I know you at all (and I do! I’m a little psychic that way!), it’s because you’re just not even sure where to start…

Let’s face it. We’re barraged everyday with images. Beautiful, slick images. Of perfect rooms. Pretty places. Amazing spaces. We get excited, so we head to the furniture store with the best of intentions, jazzed by the vision of recreating that look for our own space.

And then reality sets in.

Sure, there’s plenty of those beautiful, slick store vignettes to be found. But where does the true me fit in?

Or we take those fun little “What’s your design style?” quizzes. But when the results pop up, we realize we’re so much more than the “coastal chic” or “urban farmhouse” label we end up with.

And then, we wonder “what is my style, really?!?”

And that feeling – the not knowing – leaves us anxious. Frustrated. OVER IT. So we buy a bunch of stuff that we hope will make our space match the pictures in our head. Except they don’t.

Or we give up entirely and endure the living/working space that is “good enough for now.” And tell ourselves that someday we’ll create that special space for ourselves. Someday…

Aren’t you tired of waiting for someday? Aren’t you tired of looking around and wishing you had art on the walls, energizing colors that made you feel good instead of blah, and textiles and furnishings so comfortable you couldn’t wait to get down to business each day?

If you know exactly what I’m talking about,
my smart, creative friend,
then you’re going to love what I’ve created for you.
You are cordially invited to join me for:

Beyond Your Kitchen Table

A Soulful & Practical Course in Designing Your Own Splendid {Work}space
BYKT workbook
Beyond Your Kitchen Table is the intuitive design course created to change the way you think about your {work}space.
Now this exclusive, insightful method is available for you to use on your own for only $49!

BEYOND YOUR KITCHEN TABLE is based on the signature process I use at PegKusnerDesign with each of my one-on-one interior design clients.

More than just another magazine full of ideas that aren’t quite right, or even a costly session with an interior designer who creates something that still doesn’t feel like you, Beyond Your Kitchen Table is your best opportunity to define design on your terms. No one else’s. Not the cool kid designer-of-the-moment’s definition. Not the latest issue of House Beautiful’s definition. Not even the definition you think you got after last night’s marathon session of HGTV. Nope.

It’s about what makes your heart sing. What lights you up. What works for you and what doesn’t. And as importantly, why.

It’s about discovery. Insight. Dreams and possibilities. The creative process. So instead of being scared or overwhelmed, you can be powerfully, authentically deliberate in your design choices.

Because here’s the thing – you can search high and low, but you’re not going to find your own, authentic designed space. You have to create it.

BYKT workbook
Are you feeling curious yet?
I’ll bet you are!

In the Beyond Your Kitchen Table design course, you’ll receive an interactive illustrated digital journal with instruction, exercises, prompts and lots of space to brainstorm, investigate, and unleash your creative spirit.

You’ll also learn from the included meditations, and private Facebook group where you can chat with other BYKT students, share inspirations, and get support and interaction directly from me.

By the way, if we haven’t met yet…

I’M PEG KUSNER. I’m an interior designer, fashion stylist, award-winning retailer and noted visual merchandising expert. Just like you, my path has had its twists and turns! After a career in retail merchandising, I followed my heart and returned to school to earn an advanced degree in architectural history and design. I then found myself in the role of museum curator and built environment educator and that’s when I fell in love with the idea that our external environments – our homes, neighborhoods and public spaces – have a profound effect on our internal lives.

That guiding principle is why I’ve created Beyond Your Kitchen Table – to help you with your introspective and inspiring journey of creative self-discovery.

Together, we’ll challenge preconceived notions of interior design, so you can create a space that reflect your beliefs, values and dreams – your StyleStory.

Peg Kusner

This was so much fun and point on! I think this tool is perfect for creative entrepreneurs because we understand how important great energy, essence and design are to our businesses. Peg made this process fun, thoughtful and quite innovative. This is a powerful tool - I'm a little speechless!


It's taken me a long time to figure out how to do my workspace. My struggle was with arranging my furniture and what to put on the walls, and what colors to incorporate so that it blended with the rest of the house, but still made a creative statement. I would have completely benefitted from a program like Beyond Your Kitchen Table when I was struggling with designing my own workspace. And, on that note, I think that it is SOOO important to completely embody your brand, right down the the space that you work in, the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, etc... I think there is definitely a need for Beyond Your Kitchen Table!

Sarah Masci

Before I went through Peg's life-changing (no, really!) process, I didn't give much thought to my office and what the paper chaos, hand-me-down furnishings and lack of decor said about my business. I felt embarrassed to make videos from my desk because I worried that clients would focus on the ugly wall behind me instead of what I had to say. After, though? It's a whole different story. I've created a plan for how I want my workspace to look, function, and FEEL, and I'm making steps towards the new and improved office every day.

Misha Hettie

Wondering if Beyond Your Kitchen Table is Right For You?


You want to show up as who you are.

You want to be more design-articulate.

You crave a space that reflects your true style and voice.

You deeply desire to live (and work) in a space that is truly you.

You’re struggling with too many ideas, and not knowing which are the right ones.

You’re wrestling with finding your true design voice.

You’re just not sure how to tell a designer (or furniture salesperson, or partner) what you really want your space to look and feel like.

You’re tired of being in this idea-overload/daydreaming/not sure where to begin stage.


Beyond Your Kitchen Table is the right course for you.

What’s included in Beyond Your Kitchen Table?



Here, you’ll learn the thought process behind the creation of Beyond Your Kitchen Table, and how I use this process with each and every one of my design clients.

Once you understand the building blocks of why your {work}space is so sacred, you’ll be better equipped to make the decisions to honor your space and your self.

Lesson Two – IMAGINE

Your Personal Style

In this lesson, we dive deep and find the keys to what makes YOUR style unique – truly one-of-a-kind! – so you have an unshakeable foundation to move forward from.

We then relate this powerful information to your business – the way you look at your work{space} will never be the same again!

Lesson Three – VISUALIZE

Your Style Signature

In this lesson, we build on all of your self-discovery and insight and create the best tool for creating an interior that is 100% true to you – your StyleStory!

Once we’ve developed the words you’ll use to describe your StyleStory, we’ll then go even further and illustrate it. This illustration will be more powerful than any Pinterest board could ever be, and it will reflect the tastes, thoughts, and considerations of the one person who’s uniquely qualified to design your {work}space – you!

Lesson Four – PLAN

Your {work}space

In this lesson, we approach designing for all five senses so you can finally have a space that appeals to you body, mind and soul. We’ll decide on the scents, sounds, and sights that support you and your work so you can always feel your absolute best.

Once these decisions are in place, we’ll engage in the practical aspects of design from space planning and budgeting to – yes, finally! – shopping. Not only will I walk you through making the right choices, I’ll also give you my list of treasured sources – priced high and low. It’s like getting my secret designer’s directory!

Bonus Content!

Once you’ve created your StyleStory and used it to perfect your soulful and supportive work{space}, there’s even MORE!

I’ll tell you a few top-secret tax tips and help you use your StyleStory to grow your business through the power of event design.

After all, you’re a savvy businesswoman – you’ll love your newfound designer confidence so much you’ll want to apply it again and again! – and I’ll tell you how to get started doing just that.

Want in on this life-changing process?

Still curious about what’s in store?

Here are the answers to your questions.

I’m not sure I have the time – how long does this take?

Since Beyond Your Kitchen Table is self-guided, you can take as long as you need to complete the exercises. Ready to change up your space quickly? Fantastic – you’ll be well-prepared and design-articulate within weeks. Need more time to think things through (or even to purchase the items, because let’s face it – getting just the right things can be expensive!) No problem – this course is less about getting you a cookie cutter-room and more about giving you a language – the language of design literacy – so when you’re ready to go, you already have an understanding and a plan in place.

Also, you’ll have lifetime access to the digital materials so you can move forward now, and then again in the future if you want a refresher.

Who is this process NOT a good fit for?

Beyond Your Kitchen Table is specifically for helping creative entrepreneurs define the {works}pace of their dreams. If you’re looking to design the perfect kitchen or decorate a nursery, the lessons in this course could potentially help you, but it’s not primarily for those things. Also, Beyond Your Kitchen Table does not provide you with pre-made solutions like paint palettes or shopping lists. If you’re only interested in a pre-fab solution, check out any one of the many e-designers online – they’ll be better able to help you with that.

I’m not sure I can invest in this now. What’s the price?

Beyond Your Kitchen Table is an investment in your education. The course is $497, which is a nominal cost when you consider how pricy design mistakes can be. Instead of spending thousands or even tens of thousands on interior designers, furnishings, and accessories that ultimately feel wrong, you can take the BYKT course and make only the moves that are right for you from now on.

I’ve tried other design quizzes/scoured Pinterest for ideas/worked with a designer, but I do NOT love what we came up with. Why is Beyond Your Kitchen Table any different?

If you’ve tried to DIY, or even hired a designer, but you came away from the experience feeling self-doubt, remorse, and confusion, then you’ll want to invest in yourself and join Beyond Your Kitchen Table. Beyond Your Kitchen Table is not just another list or quiz or pre-made palette. It’s also not advice from a designer (although I am a bona fide interior designer!). Beyond Your Kitchen Table is a course designed to give you self-knowledge, clarity, inspiration, direction, and permission as well as a deep understanding into what you like and love and deeply crave from your space so you can make every design decision with confidence.

What if I want more time to think about this?

I want you to feel good about your purchase, so please don’t hit the “buy” button if you’re not ready! (Trust me, I’ve spent lots of money on classes and courses that I’ve never used. I get it.) But I truly believe that Beyond Your Kitchen Table is different from everything else out there, and will make a real change in your life. It’s not going anywhere–it will be here waiting when you’re ready. But I can tell you that the price will never be as low as it is right now!

What if I’m not happy with Beyond Your Kitchen Table ?

The funny thing about digital products is that once they are downloaded, there’s no way to return them. Most forms of higher education function this way, too. No refunds are available, but rest assured – I have never had an unhappy client in this process.

If you have a concern or complaint about BYKT, I will do my level best to address your needs. It’s in my best interest as both a heart-centered entrepreneur and as a decent human being to make my clients happy, and happy you shall be!

Are you ready to embrace the challenge, do the work, and be open to different ways of seeing things? Are you ready to love your {work}space and live in the physical embodiment of your beautiful brand and one-of-a-kind business?

Then you’re ready to join Beyond Your Kitchen Table!

Have questions?

Still want to know more about Beyond Your Kitchen Table?

Contact me at and we’ll have a no-pressure conversation to help you decide if BYKT is the perfect course for you.

Peg Kusner Design
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