My work is layered, emotive and deeply meaningful for my clients


I come from a long line of gifted story-tellers. I’m talking serious, professional storytellers. My dad was a White House Correspondent;  my sisters rock in public  relations, publishing, education and journalism. Me? Terrified of the blank page. The blinking cursor on a computer screen has always mocked me as I struggle to find the right words.So my professional journey took me on a much different path than the storytellers of my family. At least that’s what I thought.

Right out of college, I signed on as a buyer for a major department store, and launched a career in the world of retail fashion. And somewhere along the line, it dawned on me that the visual merchandising, fashion styling, branding and design I was doing were all, at their core, about telling a story. Without even realizing it, I had always been walking in my family’s footsteps.  I had been honing my skills as a visual storyteller!

After a long and interesting career in retail fashion, I followed my heart and returned to school for an advanced degree in architectural history and design. It was there I discovered a love for teaching, and upon graduation, landed a position as Curator of Education for Arizona’s State History Museum.

At the same time, I became obsessed with  sharing how our external environments—our homes, offices, neighborhoods and public spaces-have a profound effect on our internal lives. So, I created a series of Built Environment Education Programs for agencies throughout the state, including Free Arts of Arizona, the YMCA/YWCA,   and Arizona State University. These innovative programs combined the worlds of architecture, interior design, storytelling and art, and led to the opening of Peg Kusner Design, a non-traditional interior design agency.

Today, I delight in taking creative entrepreneurs on introspective and inspiring journeys of self-discovery, challenging preconceived notions of interior design, and creating spaces that reflect their beliefs, values and dreams—their StyleStories.

With a comprehensive “little black book” of design industry resources and a talent for finding rare, handcrafted and storied objects, my work is layered, emotive and deeply meaningful for my clients.

OH, AND MY STYLESIGNATURE? Inspired. Calm. Creative. Comfort.

A love of people.
A passion for storytelling.
An editor’s eye.
Fearless innovation. Soulful design.
It’s the way I work.
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